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Floyd at Work
A Short Biography about Floyd Myers

his parents migrated to the United States with $50.00 U.S. dollars and an indomitable spirit of faith

A new Foundation
Born on the small Caribbean island of Jamaica in 1966, Floyd Myers parents migrated to the United States in 1969 in pursuit of the “American Dream” with $50.00 U.S. dollars and an indomitable spirit of faith; the same faith that burns in the heart of every immigrant and has made this country great.

With three of their six children in tow, Clifford and Eula Myers settled in a small apartment in the Bronx to begin a new life. Faced with limited resources and meager employment opportunities, they began to question this decision. Floyd’s father worked as a doorman and a taxicab driver in Manhattan, while Floyd’s mother attended nursing school. After completing the nursing program, Floyd’s mother began a nursing career at Einstein Hospital in the Bronx. His father then began attending school to become a movie editing technician. Clifford landed a job with TODD-AO Studios in Manhattan. As soon as the resourceful Myers’ firmly established themselves in 1970, they sent for their remaining three children. In the summer of 1976 the Myers family purchased a home and moved to Mount Vernon.

A Love for Music
Floyd attended Graham Elementary School followed by A.B. Davis and Nichols Middle Schools. Floyd, his younger brother Dwight and a few childhood friends formed a Rap/Hip Hop group while in Mount Vernon High School and made a name for themselves locally as popular DJ’s. Even after Floyd was accepted to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne, Maryland he continued to play music. In what would prove to be a watershed moment, Floyd received a small student refund in 1984 that he gave to Dwight to develop a music demo. The demo launched the music career of Mount Vernon’s own Dwight “Heavy D” Myers and put “Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon” on the Hip Hop map.

In 1988, while Floyd was still working towards his undergraduate degree he received tragic news that his 25 year old brother Tony had been shot and killed in the streets of Mount Vernon. Although he contemplated leaving school his strong relationship with his parents and their indelible influence, coupled with the loving support of his siblings, provided the fuel and faith he needed to persevere. In 1990, Floyd completed his undergraduate education and acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

When he returned home and Floyd took substitute teacher job until he could secure something in his field. The school environment caused him to reflect on his own experience as a student. Floyd saw the promise and goodness of the children he taught and realized that young people needed more preparation and direction in order to pursue post secondary education. He decided that he could help students and created a college entrance program called “Second Shot”. Shortly after developing the program Floyd landed a job as a laboratory technician at Lederle Laboratories in Pearl River. He was achieving success, but the music bug continued to bite at him. The success of his brother’s group, Heavy D and the Boyz led Floyd to establish his own Music Management Company where he worked with many successful artists including Heavy D, Asante, Soul for Real and Pete Rock.

The Power to Overcome
On Thanksgiving Day of 1996 Floyd received another devastating family blow. Another brother, Jerry, had died from a massive heart attack caused by an overdose of drugs and alcohol. This tragedy would change the trajectory of Floyd’s life, reshaping his goals and his future.

Giving Back Through Pain
Floyd’s affinity for community service has guided his sensibilities during his business management, finance and real estate endeavors as his experience was honed within the Mount Vernon community. The loss of two siblings to the streets of Mount Vernon had changed Floyd’s perspective on his responsibility to the people of the community. The Myers family founded "For the Love of People", an organization that sponsored the Annual "Nuttin but Love" community barbecues held at Wilsons Woods Pool. He and his wife, Robin spearheaded the charity Grandparents Raising Grandchildren to address the specialized needs of the increasing number of grandparents raising grandchildren. Floyd and Robin are also the catalysts behind the creation of the Mount Vernon Downtown Merchants Association; an organization formed to work closely with community leaders and elected officials to re-energize the city’s commercial corridors and to provide a productive, informative and friendly networking system that will enrich the city’s businesses and community. Floyd continues to pursue avenues for community service and investments in Mount Vernon through determination and support from his family, friends and supportive community members.

Setting the Gold Standard
In 2002, Floyd and his wife purchased a dilapidated 100 year old 12,500 square foot building in the heart of the downtown business district. They recognized the historic significance of the building and set out to renovate and restore it. Today the building houses their interior design business, Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors and three New York style residential loft apartments. This downtown commercial establishment located at 115 South 4th Avenue is now regarded as a template for restoration and preservation of our rich local history. It is considered the gold standard for the Mount Vernon business district.

Just the Beginning
In 2004, Mayor Ernest D. Davis felt Floyd’s talents could be better utilized in public service. The mayor thought that his experience, business acumen in not only investing but preserving property and his commitment to youth would complement the overall redevelopment plans for the city. Floyd put aside his trepidation about entering politics and made a bold decision to enter public service. He was appointed Deputy Commissioner for the Mount Vernon Department of Recreation in 2004.

Floyd’s passion for learning is evidenced by his acquiring a Masters Degree in early 2007. Graduating at the top of his class, Floyd received his Masters of Business Administration in Finance, Risk Management and Insurance from Walden University.

Although there was a change in the Mount Vernon’s City Hall administration in 2008, Floyd continues to serve under the current Mayor, The Honorable Clinton I. Young Jr. as Commissioner for the Department of Recreation. He continues to bring new youth and senior programs as well as park renovations to Mount Vernon. His fresh and innovative ideas actively assist the citizens in the community with a proactive approach for resolution to any problems that the people may incur.

Floyd Myers proudly resides in Mount Vernon with his lovely wife Robin and their three children, Sontenish, Jeston and Sage.

Myers Family
Myers family photo

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